13 Good Reasons to Start Getting Weird and Creative (Today?)

  1. Life can be better than it is — if we know how to dance with it.
  • Life can actually be exciting. Energizing. Like you’re on a mission. Like you are building something. In fact, you can be building something! And when you’re alive, flowing and connecting often with your Creator self, life begins to take on a quality of… well, aliveness. Why would we ever settle for less?
  • Your creative life is meaningful because it can have actual benefits for other people (and for yourself, of course). You can bring joy, healing, connection, and inspiration to others. It’s amazing.
  • It is an actual service to people to awaken them to their dormant sense of joy.
  • Many of the societal problems we face today stem from decisions that powerful people have made out of self-interest. Out of disconnection from their genuine, creative, loving selves.
  • Embracing your Creator self inevitably leads you down a path of becoming more loving, less burdened, and ultimately more generous with your time and energy. While logical brain may question the “legitimacy” of creativity in a world of horrible suffering, the truth is that reconnecting with your Creator self is probably as good of a strategy for reducing overall suffering in the world than any other tactic you may have thought of.
  • All children are born creative. All animals play (and a huge part of the day, at that!).
  • Human societies have expressed creative and “unnecessary” tendencies since the dawn of time. Cave paintings on the walls. Decorative figures carved from stone and wood. Oral histories passed down for centuries.
  • The technological growth that defines modern life is, ultimately, a product of creativity. Edison’s experiments, Da Vinci’s ideations, the Wright Brothers, Tesla, the Panama Canal… Creativity is an ever-present reality of human existence.
  • Nowhere is this illustrated more beautifully than Viktor Frankl’s Man’s Search for Meaning, in which Frankl describes concentration camp prisoners who would choose to listen to poetry or music, even when it meant skipping the one meal they were allotted that day.
  • Creative expression, play, joy and other “soft” (bleh) forms of engagement have been shown — time and time again — to be profoundly healing on a physiological and psychological level.
  • Play produces many of the neurochemical results that the pharmaceutical industry spends billions trying to engineer. Movement stimulates the release of endorphins, which are natural mood-boosters and pain relievers. Deep social connection helps regulate the sympathetic nervous system, providing much-needed buffers against the waves of chronic stress that have overcome us (and keep coming).
  • There is no real debate as to whether creativity is a powerful (and measurable) tool for healing. It simply is.
  • There’s a weirdness in you that wants to awaken. It might be audible already, or maybe it’s tucked away under the covers. Either way, you’ll be glad that you decided to give it some breathing room.
  • You’re still trapped. We’re all trapped, to varying degrees. We’re caught in stimulus-response loops — based on past conditioning — that cause us to repeat painful patterns all over the place. We react angrily, then feel overcome with regret. We overeat, then feel guilty for our lack of control. We smother our Creator self, then feel fiery envy when we see others perform and share themselves. This is the human trap!
  • Liberation, for many, is the ultimate goal of life. The ability to have a joyful experience, despite inevitably painful circumstances. Creativity is a wonderful muscle to build if we want to make this a reality.
  • Every week, month and year, you’ve learned important lessons about life. About yourself. About right and wrong, beauty, and more. These are lessons that you’ve absorbed from the fabric of the world, and there are no doubt thousands — perhaps millions — of people who are in desperate need of hearing one of these lessons at this very moment in time. You have beautiful and essential messages to share, and one of the best ways to tap into — and transmit — them is through creative expression.
  • Do you feel stifled by your social setting? Do you feel like your friends don’t lift you up, your family keeps you in the same childhood box, or your colleagues don’t inspire you to expand? Building out your own Tribe of Creators is like wrapping your soul in a fuzzy, heated blanket. It’s awesome.
  • The truth is, the people we spend our time with play a massive role in shaping our lives. And the more difficult truth is, if these people aren’t lifting you up, they’re bringing you down. There is no neutral. Your social support network can — and I believe, should — be a source of inspiration. Of wind at your wings. Of co-pilots on a journey to the planet that’s truly calling your name.
  • Too old? Let’s google “composers in their 90s.” Too boring? You’ve just never had a container or guide that created the environment you needed. That’s like saying you can never learn to cook because of the one time you burnt that pesto panini.
  • Too anything else? Let’s work together for an hour. I’ll buy you lunch if I can’t show you how to change your own mind.
  • Your career can be a form self expression. In your social life, you explore creativity with others. Health becomes a matter of maintaining your creative temple so you can delight in your process. Money becomes a channel for buying time and joyful experiences. Community service takes on a life of its own — you discover ways to connect your soul’s desires with the tangible needs of the world (hello, this website!).
  • Many beautiful pieces of art have been created out of the smoldering ashes of deep pain. Many a human has found creation to be the universe’s natural remedy to the worst forms of suffering they’ve encountered. The impulse to rebuild from the rubble is a reflection of the cycle of death and rebirth that we’re all a part of. Creation-as-a-response puts suffering into a broader context, helping you transition from the overwhelm of the situation into a sense of connection, rejuvenation and life energy.
  • People in your life have probably crushed your Creator self in the past. Intentionally or otherwise. Casual comments, criticism, comparisons, questions and other reactions by others can lead would-be Creators to snuff out their expressive flame and throw their manuscripts in a box under the bed. Creativity scars can linger for years and deter the artist from enjoying any further exploration.
  • You need a safe nesting environment for your Creativity Eggs. By joining forces with those who know how to encourage and support you in the way you find helpful, you can recover a sense of creative safety.




My mantra is: “I serve the world daily by helping people heal.” My goal is to do this, in whatever form it may take. andrewvargasdelman.com

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Andrew Vargas Delman

Andrew Vargas Delman

My mantra is: “I serve the world daily by helping people heal.” My goal is to do this, in whatever form it may take. andrewvargasdelman.com

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